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NetSuite: The #1 cloud ERP

An optimal NetSuite implementation thanks to our approach


Inventory management is one of the most important processes within the stockholding wholesale trade. Insight and correct and timely intervention are necessary to stay ahead of your competitors and keep your costs low.


With NetSuite's retail platform, you can offer personalized customer service and you have at-a-glance view of the stock and the customer. With NetSuite you bridge the gap between offline and online sales channels.

Industrial production

With NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), you have a business solution that brings your business functions together in one integrated platform. In particular the integrated engineering options.


NetSuite's unified business management solution allows non-profit organizations to manage their entire end-to-end operations with a single, flexible and powerful business application environment.


NetSuite offers a number of modules that allow you to run and manage your license management, determine your forecasts, establish revenue recognition and automatically invoice.

Discover our services around NetSuite

As a NetSuite Solution Provider, we are the expert in business applications that deliver the complete NetSuite Cloud solution. From NetSuite licensing to the implementation, support, management and training of NetSuite.

NetSuite is scalable and grows with you, just like our services. Together with our customer, we work on a good NetSuite implementation. We provide excellent after-care, without the need for annoying contracts. This is how we build a long-term and sustainable relationship. We always provide advice based on our knowledge and your sector. Our consultants have expertise in the field of accounting/ERP, CRM or e-commerce as well as the business processes around them. In addition, we have a large knowledge network. In this way, we can guarantee your success with our tried and tested methods. Security is of paramount importance to us. We maintain strict requirements when it comes to the security of your data.

Rsult Netsuite

Success story: Retailors Europe

Retailors Europe successfully partnered with Rsult in implementing NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First with the K.I.S.S. method.

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Rsult Netsuite

Success story: Teamtalkers

Teamtalkers, a startup providing a free social media platform specially made for local communities, has successfully partnered with Rsult in implementing NetSuite SuiteSuccess Financials First.

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cloud ERP systeem

Working from home with NetSuite

COVID-19 forces everyone to do business and work differently. Business as usual’ is no longer so ‘usual’. Many organizations work largely from home. And that’s where the advantages of a cloud ERP system come in handy. Because working ‘remotely’ can be even more effective with an ERP system in the cloud. In this way, business processes are interrupted as little as possible and everyone can work from home.

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Voordelen van een ERP enERP-systeem Rsult

7 benefits of an ERP system

An ERP system is a system that connects and partly automates all business processes within an organization. You have probably heard of it before. But what exactly does such an ERP system yield? We will discuss 7 advantages in this blog!

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alliance partner NetSuite Rsult

Netsuite Alliance partners Rsult and 050-IT join forces

John Schrijvers, CEO of Rsult: “We are pleased with this expansion and the merging of the Netsuite knowledge and services of 050-IT to Rsult’s portfolio. We have been working together with 050-IT for some time now on joint customers.

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